enhance designs with the element of surprise

These films bring a new dimension to design. By controlling what is concealed or revealed in line with the onlookers’ viewpoint, the films add interest and impact to any space or creative installation.

The ergonomic flow within a building can be enhanced using films on different surfaces and features, for example balustrades, glass walkways and atriums. Used in place of blinds, screens or drapes the films, provide privacy while making the most of natural light.

VisionControlFilm can be used with plotter cutters to embed logos and graphics which will appear and disappear. They can also be layered with our high quality printable films to add colour and creativity and the fully frosted effect can even provide a canvas for projected images.

Key features:

  • Provides average 91% light transmission
  • Engineered to block 99% of damaging UV rays
  • Easily applied to any glazing
  • Hard coated to prevent scratching
  • Visual effect is unaffected by light conditions